momothemouse said: Have you heard Darte un Beso by Prince Poyce?? Its really cute and I love it

I have not but I shall go listen to it now ~ 😗

beansofyuki said: Whispers wants to do fanart of your demon AU because it's hella awesome


Please feel free I would love you forever and ever.


I don’t even like Prince Royce or bachata much but this song just ??? idk

earily said: i cant stop listening to Spanish music now


Anonymous said: Shabaduba shabaduba


Yoooooo I used to love this song

Omfg memories

I have the urge

To change the songs on my playlist

To a bunch of spanish music I used to listen to as a kid

Anonymous said: Is your sp/cp AU based off of the anime or the game? because in the game, both yuka and yoshiki live, unlike in the anime

Yes yes I’m aware of that. 

And I’m basing it off of the game mostly. Not exactly though I might change a few things here and there.

Dude that reminds me of an Ikkaku cosplayer I sorta made friends with at MTAC and followed us around for a bit but god I felt so uncomfortable around that guy cause he just kept looking at me weird. 😥